What is Homeopathy?



Homœopathy (commonly spelled Homeopathy), already one of the most popular medical systems in the world, is making a resurgence in Australia. In the late nineteenth century Homeopathy was the preferred medicine of one in four doctors in Melbourne.

Homeopathy is well established in Europe and is best known for its patronage by the English Royal family who have enjoyed the services of a private Homeopathic physician (Royal Homeopath), since the 1830s. In France, one in four prescriptions by an orthodox doctor is for Homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is well known in India (over 100,000 Homeopaths) and in South America.

Homeopathy is an effective, non-invasive system based on fixed laws and principles. Its scientific approach to aspects of disease includes the Law of Similars, the Law of Healing and the use of potentized medicines. In its precision and detail, Homeopathy satisfies the keenest scientific mind. Homeopathy; also requires a high degree of human understanding, perception and life experience.

Homeopathy challenges conventional thinking and proposes many exciting possibilities.



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