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My experience with Homoeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA)



I attended a homoeopathic seminar in Dubai in 2006 and Grant Bentley happened to be speaking at the seminar. I remember receiving his pamphlets regarding books he had written on the subject. At the time I could not afford the books just yet so I held onto the pamphlets until I could.

I was intrigued by the name - what would prescribing a remedy have to do with a patient's facial features? If I remember correctly Grant presented a case in which he had used facial analysis to determine the correct remedy to treat a female patient with lymphoma and she had been in remission ever since being on the remedy, now that was even more intriguing.

Well I was only able to get hold of a copy of Appearance and Circumstance in 2008. I read it once and found it fascinating; I had never heard miasms' described in this way. It was obvious that Grant had thoroughly studied and understood the subject and not only that; he was passionate about this work too. The second time I read it; it just became even clearer and made even more sense than the first time.

Once I start using facial analysis in practice it doesn't need to make sense anymore because it can't be questioned, it just is what it is and it works. It's not something you try out and see if it works, it just does. The system is flawless; it's only the homoeopath who might make a mistake in using the system.

My experience using HFA grows every day and with practice I have become more accurate. If I don't get the expected result I study the patient's facial features again to confirm the dominant miasm or check my rubric selection. I may have missed one feature which changes the miasm, and if you miss the miasm you'll prescribe the incorrect remedy.

My practice is thriving because of HFA and I have only been in full time practice going on three years. Yes, it's still growing but my work load has halved and my income and success rate has doubled. Every time I have a success I want to phone Grant and Louise and thank them, I'm so appreciative.

At first I was concerned as to how my patients would take to it but I have learned that people just want relief, most are not bothered as to how you get them there as long as you explain each step to them and in fact the majority are fascinated by facial analysis and want to learn more.

I highly recommend Homœopathic Facial Analysis to every homœopath in practice. It's easy, it's fun, it's fascinating and I believe it's the missing link we've all been waiting for. I also believe it's always been there, it just took someone as determined and passionate as Grant to see it and bring it to the rest of the world.

Thank you to Grant and Louise for this amazing contribution to the science and art of Homœopathy.

S Cable (South Africa)



From Melbourne 5 day workshop - November 2009



  • Energetic and mind bending information - ground breaking methodology, challenging to the classical taught yet so exciting! Thanks to Grant & Louise for investing an immense amount of time & energy in a technique that is thorough yet straightforward. Congrats for putting an Australian 'invention' onto the international stage. - A Jann

  • This seminar taught me a total new way to look at my clients. Fascinating to see how the face can reveal so much more. The case studies were very well chosen to illustrate the crux of the problem. I like the ongoing help offered via internet/wizard - looking forward to implementing HFA to my practice. - C Gozlan

  • Excellent workshop - the best I've been to. The topic has been covered in great depth, presentation has been extremely effective - detailed, informative, educative and entertaining. I have learned a lot and benefited enormously both as a student and human being in these last five days and will definitely recommend HFA/Soul & Survival to every homœopathic student and practitioner. I have trust that in the future HFA will be an integral role in homœopathy and in the clinic. Thank you and God bless. - S Rajaramanan

  • Dynamic and well presented - opened a new dimension of the mind/behaviour and the remedy selection - surprised by the depth of the training and the real possibilities of application - easy to follow and eager to further develop and pass to others - inspiring!! Thanks so much. - M Arora

  • I have enjoyed this week immensely!! I was at a point where I though I will never be able to really do Homœopathy properly because I just couldn't remember all the remedies. This system is such a relief to have received and I'll be right into it and feel I have new energy and hope. Also the philosophy around it for me was freeing and exceedingly interesting. Thank you so much for all your time and effort - great work! (name not supplied)

  • Thank you for my crash-course in homœopathy - a baptism of fire indeed! I found the face analysis enlightening and very useable in my practice. Even more exciting is the understanding of the traditional roles and how they relate to how we function under stress. Incredible depth of knowledge and understanding conveyed beautifully, presentation clear and engaging. Will highly recommend to other practitioners. - M Connolly



From Melbourne 5 day workshop - November 2008



  • Congratulations, both Grant & Louise on a fabulous, professional week's presentation. This is the hope for the future of Homoeopathy for safe, effective and accurate results - B McMahon

  • Revolutionized my view of miasms. Clarified many questions unresolved previously. Inspirational approach & method. Well presented & exciting - time flew by. Topics all relevant and practical. Recommend approach to other homoeopaths. Well worth attendance - W Butcher

  • Fantastic review for me. Has given me the opportunity to review my photo taking and case taking. It has revitalized my HFA enthusiasm. I am really looking forward to getting to the clinic tomorrow. - M Nolan

  • How refreshing to do a five day conference where you learn real practical knowledge! This week has continued to expand and consolidate my facial analysis and has given me the realization of its simplicity, logic and most of all, RESULTS for our patients! This system has the potential to revolutionise all areas of well being. Much thanks Grant & Louise and The Remedy Group in Lilydale - L Francis

  • This was a wonderful course and the method is truly revolutionary and profound. Its cosmological and historical application combined with the dynamic three dimensional model can only be likened to my mind to the Chinese 5 elements. The fact that this model has been developed in this lifetime in this place is extraordinary, especially by comparison to one that has taken 5,000 years to develop and nurture the wisdom and practice. Congratulations Grant & Louise and THANKYOU. - L Lee

  • Excellent course! Enhanced very well on the original 2 day seminar I attended which first sparked my interest. I now have a well defined and structured means of practice in my clinic and a much simpler means of explaining to people what it is & how it works. Presentation was covered very well and easy to follow with good visuals and auditory learning methods. Thanks for everything and the obvious work you have put into this model. - S Walmsley

  • This has been an absolutely fantastic week! The depth, breadth and volume of information imparted is extraordinary. Grant's lateral thinking capacity in developing this method and the philosophy behind it all is just mind boggling. Both Grant and Louise are excellent presenters who have kept us all totally enthralled throughout the week. I can't believe it's over but I am now motivated to use HFA in my practice. - H Kimball-Brooke, London

  • The week has gone so fast. Grant's presentations were spell binding and totally engrossing. Both Grant & Louise have given so much of their knowledge & themselves. Thank-you for an awesome week. S&S and the HFA system has so much to offer practitioners - in fact anyone who would like to have a deeper understanding of themselves & those around them. A fantastic workshop - R Williams



Brisbane seminar feedback - September 2007



  • Excellent, great. I finally know what to do with the miasms - so much of the information was helpful

  • Excellent. Advertisement/flyer undersold the potential of this system. I had no inkling that this system would rewrite almost everything I learned about the miasms. Sorry I left early on day two - I was meant to be somewhere else but day one was so good that I came back!! So many thanks to both presenters - fantastic content, totally absorbing and refreshingly honest and direct presentation

  • Excellent seminar, very worthwhile. Grant has the best way of describing what miasms are in everyday terms that is easy for both practitioner and student to understand. I would really like to give this method a go in practice. Congratulations Grant and Louise on all your hard work and dedication towards furthering Homoeopathy

  • Very well done - clear, passionate, well articulated - honest and not egotistical.

  • This was an excellent seminar Grant - the most interesting and clinically useful I have attended for years. Thank-you

  • I have found this extremely interesting and am looking forward to putting it into practice. I have enjoyed Grant's ease of delivery and his honesty as to how he has developed his ideas.

  • Excellent. Refreshing, awakening and inspirational

  • Wonderful presentation, very useful for me as a student and beginning Homoeopath

  • Fantastic. Hahnemann would be proud! With this system in finding the miasm, we are already half way there in finding the remedy. Can't wait to try it.

  • Excellent work. I understand that this will have subtleties but will love to try it. Very passionate presentation. Loved the side issues and philosophy. Not enough time to get through so much would have loved to have seen the positive gifts of the miasms. Loved all the cases and examples. Loved the live photo analysis. Loved the system of it - but will I be able to give away what I already hang on to?

  • As a student I found this seminar interesting, understandable (thank goodness) and practical. There is no "stuffiness" about Grant and Louise, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Wish it went for longer - so much to share with us.

  • Really great information and more vision to clarify the picture of the miasms

  • Back to basics - was refreshing and very accessible. Knowing the fantastic outcomes that are possible with good prescribing is inspiring and comforting

  • Loved it. I am just about to finish my course so this has helped me feel that I actually have a good solid place to start.

  • Riveting! I want to know more. Great introduction to something I feel I will use a lot in my future practice ….

  • Great enthusiasm for a very useful concept. Grant's delivery is comfortable, right amount of lightness for the volume of dialogue. Digressions were valuable and informative ……



The Method and Book



  • I have recently read Appearance and Circumstance and would like to applaud you on a miasm book / theory that makes sense. Congratulations on a brilliant book (JD - Canada)


  • I've just finished reading Appearance and Circumstance and want to thank you very much for the wonderful book. As a student of homeopathy, I find it very clear and solid and have no doubts I'll be using the principles in my future practice (Valerie - United States)

  • I am a Homeopath practicing in Brisbane and I would like to tell you how much I have benefited from your book. I read it over Christmas and I use the Miasmatic Facial Diagnostic Chart on every new client. I am even using it on "old" clients if I feel that the treatment is not quite as successful as I would like it to be.

  • I am so impressed with the outcome that I can't even imagine how I ever prescribed a remedy without this tool. I absolutely love it.

  • I used it on my son for an acute, where he had diarrhoea with fever. I had tried just about every "diarrhoea remedy" without much success. After incorporating his facial features into the reportirisation I came up with Apis. Not quite sure how Apis would work for his diarrhoea I gave it a go. Within minutes he changed from a lethargic little boy back to my very active, fun loving boy!! Appearance and Circumstance is THE most helpful Homeopathy book I have ever read. It has simplified my job as a Homeopath and not made it even more confusing like some of the other Homeopathy books out there. I cannot thank you enough for writing it, it has given me a lot more confidence and a much higher success rate. Thank you again! (EV Queensland, Australia)

  • I have just finished your work on miasmatic facial diagnosis and am most impressed. I think this could become an important tool for my practice. I share your view that a single miasm is dominant. This is an extension of Hahnemann's principle of the stronger disease driving out the weaker (single miasm) or where two diseases are of equal strength they coexist and occupy different seats in the organism (mixed miasm). (LB - Queensland, Australia)

  • You have written an excellent book on the miasms with Appearance and Circumstance, and I would like to applaud you for this world first work - I agree with you one hundred percent (BW - United States)

  • It is not often that one comes across a genuine new synthesis in homeopathy. Many write books and articles which attempt to forge a whole new approach, but most of these are more characterised by their inadequacies than by their genuine innovation. As such they soon lose their momentum. These ideas that Grant is uncovering are, however, rooted firmly in age-old philosophy and practice and, I think, are a genuine and incredibly valuable addition to the field of homeopathy (Ian Howden - Homœopathic lecturer - Southern Cross University)

  • As a practicing homoeopath I mentally categorized my patient files into 3 piles based upon the results I achieved.
- The Wow, what happened? pile.
- the good to very good pile.
- and my inevitable group of failures.

The relatively small "Wow what happened? pile" consisted of files with results that could only be described as staggering and usually done with only one dose. (and not necessarily high potency). In fact ½ of the cases were done on one dose of a 30C. I always wondered why the results were so good in these cases and why I could not reproduce this in a lot more cases.
I was taught that prior to selecting a remedy you needed to make a miasmatic diagnosis and that the remedy selected needed to not only cover the symptoms but also the miasm. Obviously, this is what I had done in the cases of the "wow what happened? pile". Easy said, the fact remained that in a lot of cases there was no easy way to determine the miasm and even if there was, there were very few direct links between the remedy and the miasm. Our literature is full of conflicting and confusing information in this area. Eg.From notes I took whilst in India I have written under Calc Carb in my Boericke "anti tubercular and also a deep acting anti-sycotic." Does this make Calc Carb anti tri- miasmatic? Even understanding that anti-psoric in Hahnemann's work really should be read as anti-miasmatic did not clear the confusion.
Then I came across Grants work. It acted like a piercing laser through my confusion. Using Grants method there is now a direct application of miasm to the prescription. With practice my vision and perception is improving and I am now regularly adding to my "Wow, what happened? pile." Thank you Grant. (Robyn Williams)



The Seminar



  • Practical, lateral thinking technique. Down to earth, useful in a non-egotistical way.

  • The seminar content challenges existing concepts at the same time offering new tools and perspectives for prescribing homoeopathy in a more effective way.

  • Grant Bentley was great and an excellent presentation.

  •  Fantastic! Crossed the t's and dotted the i's in homoeopathic prescribing for me. The seminar was necessary even though I had read the book.

  • Good to have him back in 2 years for updates.. Exciting information - remedy choices easier, quicker, more accurate. Clear, logical explanation, easy to follow. Approachable.

  • Grant Bentley's seminar was fascinating and stimulating. It raised my interest in homoeopathy. I would like to see him return to Perth as his research develops.

  • Thanks for taking homoeopathy to a practical level

  • Thank-you for a very stimulating seminar! It has excited me to start taking photos and observing facial features immediately. Anything that helps narrow down a homoeopath's fallibility is so welcome! I thought your presentation was superb. It was laid out logically and well paced. Having the book available meant that I didn't have to suffer from writer's cramp! I found you both very approachable and informative. And it was great to have an innovation coming from our own shores. I'm sure it will attract international attention if it hasn't done so already. I hope you will come back in time to update us on your techniques and insights and hopefully our WA mob can contribute some of our own observations and results. If I can learn this technique and come close to matching your results, then this seminar will have proven to be one of the best I have attended.



From Wellington, NZ, September 2005



  • Grant Bentley is a cool presenter in that he translates his thought in a very understandable / applicable practical way. I enjoyed his humour very much. - Amanda Beauchamp

  • The seminar helped open up a new can of worms - more work. Thank s! - Rozelia Mawhinney

  •  No successful homeopath would be complete without being open to new ideas. - Barbara Ward

  • I have been cynical about new fangled ways in homeopathy. However I can see from the cases presented that this method complements the classic repertorisation method and hope to be able to use it effectively. - Vish

  • This has been such an advantage - Emma Greenslades (Student)

  • Very enlightening. Grant is an excellent speaker and presents his work / cases well. Enjoyed his lighthearted, cheerful manner. - Debbie Betts (Student)

  • It is the best seminar I have been to in years. Yet another way to remember the remedies in form of a colour and I like the idea of colours instead of the traditional names of miasms as well. - Elke Hahn